Science Seminar

National Science Seminar (NSS) for school students is the most impactful and popular nationwide annual event organized by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, ever since 1982. The seminar involves the nation’s school-going youth in critically examining current S&T issues of importance for the society and sharing their own views on these issues with the student and scientific communities of the country. The exercise encourages critical & independent thinking and leads to generation of original ideas on various aspects of the topic of the seminar. Every year a new theme is selected for NSS by a distinguished panel of scientists based on its topical interest and relevance. It is then circulated among the schools of the country along with details of the seminar’s format, procedure for participation, rules & regulations etc. through NCSM’s nationwide network of science centres and the education departments of States and Union Territories.

This competitive event is held in a 4-tier format: Block Level, District Level, State Level and finally the National Level. While more than 30,000 school students from various States & UTs participate in the event directly, it is attended by more than 2 lakh students and teachers as audience throughout the country. The winner student from each State and Union Territory is invited along with an escort teacher to take part in the National Science Seminar.

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