Mathematics Gallery

The new gallery on ‘Mathematics’ at BITM (inaugurated on May 8, 2010) is an attempt to present mathematical concepts in a simple manner and provide enjoyable learning experiences through models, working exhibits in order to create interest in the subject among the young generation so that they are able to pursue higher studies in pure sciences with greater confidence.

Supported mostly by interactive exhibits & graphical illustrations, the gallery effectively functionsas a mathematics laboratory which offers opportunity to visualize fundamental mathematical concepts, understand how these help us solve problems and appreciate the inner beauty of mathematics. Spread over an area of 300 sq.m with about 54 interactive exhibits, the thematic canvas of the gallery includes a brief history of numbers, number theory, positional number systems highlighting India’s seminal contribution in their development, basic arithmetical operations, geometry of plane and curved surfaces, solid geometry & conics, mathematical functions, probability & statistics, the basic ideas of calculus, mathematics in nature, and a variety of mathematical puzzles and brain-teasers for kids.

A ‘Math Demo Corner’ with facilities for conducting a class session on mathematics by the accompanying school teachers, and a ‘Children’s Activity Area’ add to the attraction of the gallery.

Floor Area: 475 sq. m.

No. of Exhibits: 45

Mathematics Demo Timing in the Gallery 11:30 am, 1:15 pm & 4:00 pm
Special Mathematics Demonstration for School GroupsOn Request
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