Science Demonstration Lecture

Science Demonstration Lectures (SDL) for School Students

A series of experiment-based science demonstration lectures on different curricular topics in science which are tailor-made for secondary level school students of classes VI to XII. These demonstration lectures consist of hands-on experiments and multimedia presentation on the topic.

Current SDL Topics:-

i) Electromagnetic Induction (Class IX to XII)

ii) Mechanics and Laws of Motion (Class IX to XII)

iii) Chemical Reactions (Class VIII to X)

iv) Acids, Bases and Salts (Class VIII to X)

v) Story of Atom (Class X to XII)

vi) Properties of Liquid (Class VII & VIII)

vii) Properties of Air (Class VII & VIII)

viii) Sound (Class VIII to XII)

ix) Heat (Class VIII to XII)

Duration: Each SDL is of 1 hour.

Minimum Batch Size: 50 students (Prior booking required)

Fee: Rs. 10 per head.

One SDL per day is free for student groups from Member Schools of BITM.

For Booking, Please Contact: Education Department of BITM (9477345291/2 Ext.235)

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