Imagine it is 2070. Your favourite person – a friend, an idol, your child, even your future self – receives a letter. It is from you – written today. Remind them to weed the garden and aerate the soil. Chide them for carrying foreign plants from holidays. Advise them to preserve and protect what’s native. Take special care to keep it free from pests. Overall, in your letter, tell them about YOUR thoughts on plant-health and YOUR promise to take action now – so that their world is greener tomorrow.

Write that science-backed letter, put in a relevant sketch or photograph and see it featured and growing on our virtual trellis. Since pests – like pandemics – differentiate between none, the event is open to all students willing to support the cause. Starting 5th June 2020, plant your promise to the future here – because you never know, what might take root!

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Name : Siddhartha Chowdhury

Modern English Academy,Barrackpore

Dear Grandson,

I am your Grandpa, in the year of 2020.This year, the survival of human beings on mother Earth is facing severe challenge from the pandemic of COVID-19.During the month of May this year we have also witnessed several casualties in Kolkata and adjoining areas due to severe cyclone AMPHAN. Therefore, I would like to convey to you an important message. Scientists, environmentalists are saying that Nature is taking revenge from us for destroying forests, causing imbalance.

You know that all living things depend on trees for air to breathe, food to eat, clothes to wear and home to live. Through photosynthesis, trees / plants provide the planet with oxygen, food, energy. I love them and take care of them since my early childhood. I inherited this trait from my grandmother. I am confident that you will carry forward my legacy of planting and protecting trees. I reveal here some interesting memories about my tree family which you will find in the backyard of our house.

You will find an elderly neem tree which I planted ages ago, in the grove. It is evergreen, has medicinal properties and protects us from the excessive temperature of an overheated globe. There is also a jackfruit tree which I had planted when I was in Class-I. Now, I am in my middle school. My tree has grown up, to the height of a double storey building. I love to sit reclined under its shade in the afternoon. It gives me pleasant thoughts and improves my mental health. When it bears fruits in the month of June, I share with my neighbours and my joy knows no bounds. Birds hop, chirp, play every morning and evening and many of them make nest in its branches.

I leave them in your care today. Give them your love and care. Plant more trees and keep them free from pests, bugs, weeds. Keep them healthy, hydrated and rich in nutrients. Inspect them for pest and disease issues. If a tree insect or disease is spotted treat the problem early so that you can hopefully save the tree. Always practise organic farming as it preserves soil’s organic composition, maintain and improve fertility of soil structure. Do not spray pesticides in large amount. Instead, use organic pesticides like neem oil. Preserve our native species like mango, marigold, hibiscus etc. Make them grow to their full potential. Make sure that our planet never loses even a single tree. Use bicycle or walk to go to nearby places. Lend all your support for a greener tomorrow essential for our survival on this earth.


I hope you will remember my words and sincerely fulfill my wish of preserving and planting trees for a greener earth.

With love,

Your Grandpapa.

Name : Enaakshi Sen

The BSS School

Dear Trellis,

Go Green and Save Future. Our planet suffers from numerous problems which have been caused by the result of the excessive anthropogenic activity. The entire planet suffers from pollution, global warming, deforestation, extinction of biological species, etc. To solve these problems people should go green to save Earth.

Furthermore, we must not be selfish. It is important to think about the well being for future generation. To begin with we should reduce pollution. One must not litter in the street, parks and forests. One should recycle wastes in order to save our priceless natural resources, rather than just dump them in the landfills. Entrepreneurs should use special filters at plants, factories and power stations in order to reduce the amount of poisonous emissions into the air and water. People should stop cutting down forests which are the lungs of the earth. Forest is a home for thousands of animals, birds and insects which improve the balance of ecosystems. We should change our lifestyle rapidly in order to stop deforestation.

Living a sustainable life requires you to make use of renewable energies and other resources. For example: By installing solar panels we will be unaffected when there will be a power cut in our community. One should employ organic farming. We should avoid polythene bags. We should prevent water pollution. We should pledge “Boycott Plastic Bags”. Apart from the government imposing legislation in this regard, keeping environment safe and clean should be our sacred duty. Maintaining a clean environment is an absolute necessity. Going green is a way of embracing a way of life that helps preserve the environment. It has numerous benefits at homes, at the workplace and to the economy at large. It strengthens and stimulates the economy. It is therefore essential to strive for a green living.

With a greener planet we can look forward for a cleaner environment and a brighter future. With better quality of air, surroundings and food we are more likely to be healthier, to be around for longer to fulfill our life aspirations and enjoy on relationships with our loved ones.

Name : Ahana Maji

Contai Public School

To my best friend,

I hope all of you are healthy and hearty. I am fine too. This is a letter I am writing to you on 2020. You know that 2020 is the year of COVID-19. We are not able to go to school. I think you know that our natural resources were in great danger before COVID-19 but when the lock down started nature got a great chance to heal itself. Pollution level decreased and oxygen level increased. But when lock down will end, once again the people are going to use vehicles, open factories and work in there. So, nature is going to be extremely polluted again .So, when this letter is going to reach you, nature will be extremely polluted .May be there is going to be less plants, robots are going to do all the works for us. If there is going to be less plants, oxygen level will decrease and many people will die. If robots are going to do all the works for us, then we are not going to any work .If we don’t work we will stay at home and will be fat and obese, and if we become obese we are going to consume much oxygen but due to the less trees and plants, we are not going to get much oxygen and we may die. So, I would like to advise you to plant more and more trees so that we don’t die. Convey my best regards to your parents.

Yours lovingly,


Name : Soumili Pramanick

Kanchrapara English Medium School

To my grandchild,

This is your grandma speaking from 2020. I’m very much worried about the future. From now only the trees are decreasing to such a level that at some places there is a need of oxygen hub. Today I’m going to advise
you about plant’s health and condition. Here, is a short poem written by me for you :
Trees give us shade,
Their contribution is unpaid.
Trees give animal’s home,
Try to plant it in loam.
Trees help us in breathing,
But when we cut trees, can’t we see its bleeding ?
Trees are reason for our existence,
So, why we are deleting its subsistence ?
Trees are our evergreen pride,
Don’t let the pride be dried.

Now, its your turn to make a green world. Try to plant trees as much as you can for a green world and better future. Let them to grow naturally. Avoid extra fertilizer or insecticides. I know my child you can do it. Or else, many life risking diseases will born. Always remember ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Convince others about plant’s health. Trees give us many things that is countless. Besides, they never demand anything from us. But we humans, are so hard-hearted that we cut trees to meet our need. Promise me that you will turn your garden not only garden but your surroundings into a green environment.

With lots of love,
Yours grandma.

Name : Prajya Biswas

Air Force School, Bagdogra

My Dear Friends,

Environment is precious to all living organisms. It contributes many things to us. Though we are continuously disaffecting the environment, but then also it provide us fresh air to breath, nutritional food to eat, potable water to drink and appropriate shelter to live. So, I tried my best to save our precious environment.

I have made a beautiful garden on the roof of my house. I have planted many breathtaking plants. I have understood the real beauty of the nature. Though, I have contributed a very small thing to the environment. So, I encouraged many people to save the precious resource “environment” and to start aforestation and stop deforestation.
Our Government & various organizations are organizing various green awareness activities such as “VAN MAHOTSAV, GREEN REVOLUTION ETC” to save our planet. In the current situation of Cyclones, Flood,
Drought, Global Warming, World Pandemic Disease etc. we should plant more and more trees to protect our earth. If we start taking these small steps, it can be a big change to the environment. Then, we can have a more,
better place to live. Let’s plant a tree to make our earth pollution free.

Yours faithfully
Prajya Biswas

Name : Arunima Chakraborty

Army Public School, Barrackpore

Respected sir/ma’am,

”The trees,our lungs; the rivers, our circulation; the air, our breath and the Earth our body…..”
Our environment assists us all through our lifetime. But today, I want to thank an integral part of our lives
and the environment, trees.
Researchers have looked into the claims and found the truth. Here are the science-backed, proven benefits
of having plants in your home. Such as:
* They help improve mental health.
*Your immune system gets a boost.
*Your productivity is improved.
*Your home’s air quality becomes two times better.
*They Add More Humidity to the Home.
-Plants release almost all of the water they take in. This is good news for you, as the water will help to
improve your air quality and your health. Dry air can lead to irritation in the lungs and lead to problems such
as dry mouth and overheat. Your body needs the moisture as much as possible.
So, plant trees for a healthy, wealthy and better lifestyle…

Name : Pranjal Aditya

Birla High School , Mukundapur 

Dear Trellis,

A Speaking Tree telling people to protect trees from cutting and damaging our environment.

Name : Triguna Mandal

Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School, Saltlake, Kolkata. 

For the children of the year 2070,

Hi. I am a 6 year old girl, Triguna. This is the year 2020. How are you in 2070? I stay in a city. I don’t want to wear the pollution mask on my face while going to school. I like to visit the village often where there is so much of fresh air in the morning. Green plants and trees are there everywhere. My father told me that the city was like the village, full of trees, when he was a little boy. My mother tells me that in future children shall carry oxygen with them! Very little trees shall be there for giving oxygen to so many people. I feel very sad for the trees. It helps us and the birds and animals. I have read in my science book that trees are living things like us. They need air, water and sunlight and food to grow. We have to take care of them. Plants make their own food but my mother tells me that they need nutrition to grow up faster and healthier. Compost is plant food. We can make it from kitchen waste like vegetable or fruit peels and egg shells. A seed has a baby plant inside it. Baby plants called saplings need shade to grow. They shall die in bright sunshine. When saplings grow up we can put them in the sun. We need to keep the root healthy also. Fungus can harm roots. Insects can eat leaves. Insects can harm the stem. So we have to take care. Like a trellis we have to support a plant to grow. I have already started to plant some seeds. My friends are also planting seeds. We promised to take care of them. The seeds have started to grow. I am very happy. I have planted seeds that I have at home. I have no garden to plant big trees. I want to see our planet green for the six year old children like me now in 2070. I don’t want to see them in trouble. I have heard that a very big forest called Amazon is in danger. I shall grow up by 2070. I also shall surely need to breathe fresh air to be alive. Our solar system has other planets. Those are hot or cold and full of gases. Man can only live on The Earth. Our planet has oxygen
because we have trees. Promise me that you will plant a plant and support it. When you grow up you keep fresh oxygen for the children again.

Name : Ayushman Sarkar

The Future Foundation School

12B Test Tube, Road of the Walking Robots,
Conc. Fluoroantimonic Acid Tube, Flat no. 3rd Corroded Cork, Block – Secondary Distillator,
Kolkatochloric Cityacid – Valency&pH code: 700 -081

June 5, 2070
A Futuristic Me
123X Beaker, Road of the Hovering Robots,
Ammonized Water, Flat no. 1st Cork, Block – Primary Condenser
Delhitrisulfuric Cityacid – Valency&pH code: 700 -040
Subject: Plant Health is Human Health: Protect Plants!
Dear me,
This is your previous self, when you were 12 years old. This is a radio message sent back in time using the Theory of Relativity . So, there is no need to be shocked and panicked. However, the address changed as it travelled forward in time. For reference, I live in 15A/1, M.B Sarani, Kolkata – 700 040.
Your block researches about ammonized water. Yet, none of your neighbors care for plants. Remember, if you keep plants healthy, they keep you healthy and wealthy. Use that ammonia and water. Keep plants happy and healthy. Talk to them using the TreeRadio Device. In this year of 2020, we are realizing that plant health matters. It plays a great role in battling pandemics like the COVID – 19. Take care of plants and they will take care of you. They provide you lots of things: oxygen, food, wood, etc. You can even Neutralize it out in
Don’t fail your previous self. I am counting on you. It doesn’t matters whether you get a cure for a pandemic disease. Prevention is always better than cure. Plant your first sapling on your 62nd birthday. Let it serve as a good reminder.
Yours in Gratitude, and Scientificishness,
Peace Out, with the Hovering Robots,
Previous Self (12 years old): Ayushman Sarkar.

Name : Annika Basu

Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata

From Annika, 05/06/2020
To the future-self

Humans, animals and all species on earth are either directly or indirectly dependent on trees and plants. Yet we cut them, slash them, burn them into ashes, or treat/ spray them with chemicals, without giving the tree a chance to express its feelings as to what it feels when it is going to die in our own hands. We forget that they are living creatures just like us. We cry over minor injuries and yet do not realise what type of injury or pain the trees have to bear.
While we are capable of destroying trees, yet despite the rapid advance in science we cannot manufacture trees, by mixing some chemicals in a factory.
When we practice deforestation, we at the same time must practice afforestation. So that a tree knows that when a human being is cutting him down for his needs, the human being is ensuring that a ‘COUSIN’ of the tree lives.
Make our trees a little happier by not giving chemical pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides.
If science is so advanced during your time, please see how you can make organic pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides more effective, so that humans don’t harm the trees or the environment by using chemicals.
Give our plants-to whom we owe our lives, a chance to co-exist happily on Earth along with humans and animals.

Name : Anish Basu

The Heritage School, Kolkata

Water plants daily for long life of plant

Name : Suravi Choraria

Lakshmipat Singhania academy

Hello my dear child ! It is world environment day . It’s not about India or any other country or continent. It is about mother earth my dear child. You should plant saplings and should not cut trees. You should travel by foot or bicycle or use eco-friendly conveyance like horses ….as citizens we should not litter and can segregate dry and wet waste. We should not waste our resources – water ; electricity . In the corona virus pandemic, the world witnessed how nature started healing as there was no human intervention. I hope you pledge to take small steps to conservation of our environment. Otherwise nature has its own means to take revenge and make a world unfit to live in. Lastly, hope your generation has followed the simple mantra of 3 R – recycle, reduce and reuse .

Name : Naman Kothari

Birla High School, Mukundapur

Together we can help mother NATURE

Name: Ishani Mazumdar

Institution: Adamas International School

Dear daughter/son,

Today I am writing you this letter to show you my concern regarding the plant I have planted few years back in 2015.At present I am taking care of this plant which is bearing flower and in future I want you to take care of it. So, today I am going to tell you about plant health.

Plant health is concerned with Ecosystem health with a special emphasis on plants. Some tips to keep your plant healthy are as follows: –

  • Use less amount of pesticides.
  • Apply the correct fertilizer.
  • Keep an eye on bugs.
  • Use fully composted yard waste.
  • Clean up the leaves which turn yellow or brown.
  • Don’t over crowd.
  • Prune damaged limbs at the right time.

I too take care of my plants by watering it daily and by following these methods. That’s why it has grown into a healthy plant in these few years. So, plant trees, keep them healthy and save your green environment.

With Love

Yours mother.

Name: Anusmita Giri

Institution: The BSS SCHOOL

To my grandchild,

I hope it might be more clear through my handwritten letter……….

Name: Ditipriya Roychowdhury

Institution: The BSS SCHOOL

To my grandchild,

From jewel toned miniature to lush green meadows nothing has ever shown its beauty as that of green plants. Greenery–the word soothes our nerves and gives a comfortable shadow to us. Greenery- This eight lettered word speaks a thousand words itself. This is your grandmother who is in this world of 2020. Discerning the reckless felling of trees is really very painful. The reckless killing of the 🌲 trees is not only affecting the world, but the existance of plant health. It is extremely sorrowful that humans are destroying their own lives in hope of building a better future. We, the humans do not understand that, the punishments of our misdeeds can affect the future generations. But,my dear child, many are aware about the alarming rate of deforestation. Plants and saplings are being planted everywhere. On this day of 5th June, I pledge to plant trees in my very own garden, punish the misdoers, and give earth her right to existance. An ocean comprises of a cluster of water drops, if one starts today, the whole world will surely follow the trails of saving the Earth. If this happens so, best of luck for availing the best and GREEN future, my child!!!!

Name: Disha Joddar

Institution: Nava Nalanda High School

To my grandchild,

Environment day is celebrated worldwide, to love and care for our green friends. Plants maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in environment. Plants maintain the Ozone layer that protects the earth from being damaged by the UV rays of the Sun. What can we do for plants? Temperature is increasing day by day, due to constant cutting of trees. Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming are also caused.
Therefore, a few steps like weeding the garden and aerating the soil with organic fertilizers will help us to give special attention to plants. In addition to this, one or two saplings can be carried easily from holiday destinations. But not only that, care should also be given to native plants like hibiscus, marigold saplings and others. Pesticides are surely to be sprayed, but not in large amount. It can prove harmful for plants. Instead, organic pesticides like Neem oil can be sprayed. Last but not the least, we need planning before plantation. We should take prompt actions to reduce pollution. In many places in the city, there is no arrangement of timely watering of  the plants  planted by the highways. We should also give notice to that. All these steps will help us to build a greener and better tomorrow.
Moreover, small clubs should be set up where discussions will be done on how to save plants. Patients can be gifted saplings, when they are discharged from hospital, to spread awareness about conserving green among more. Also, saplings can be planted once every week………………. because….
Green living means sustainable living.
Nature is not a place to visit.
It is Home.

Save Home.
Save Nature.

Name: Sampurna Mukherjee

Institution: Salt Lake School (English Medium)

For my future self,


Name: Anavi Bhattacharyya

Institution: Mahadevi Birla World Academy

Dear Trellis,

I have something to serious tell with you.
I travelled to the future yesterday through my time-machine and I landed in your garden. I was horrified by what I saw! Your whole garden is covered in weeds! Trellis, how can you be so irresponsible? You told me in your last letter that your garden was your pride. Why don’t you spend time weeding your garden and aerating the soil instead of watching television every day? Don’t you know how vital plants are for our survival? They provide us with food, clothes and wood to build our homes. And most importantly they give us oxygen. Surely you know that we cannot live without oxygen! Have not learnt that in your science book? And I am absolutely disgusted to find a eucalyptus sapling in your garden. Don’t you know that they are native to Australia? Why don’t you grow plants native to India like mango and jamun? You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits as well. Please protect what’s native, Trellis. Keep your garden free from pests. Plant health is extremely important. I pledge to plant more trees and plants so that your world is greener tomorrow.
Please remember what I have said.


Name: Aratrika Guha

Institution: Modern High School for Girls

To my grand children,

I was happy reading the post you sent me in WhatsApp on my health. I am writing this letter because I am worried about the outside world. The plants in the town have decreased. The trees are weak and get less sunlight because of the sky scrapers. I have prepared a planting activity in the neighbourhood. But only neighbourhood will help 5%, it is important that the whole country and whole world are aware of it. Pledge pass on this letter to all your dear ones, your friends and ask them to send to their dear ones as well. We should make posters. We should make mobile apps and post on how many trees are planted every day. We should keep a count on the numbers. Now people will ask why do we need to do this? We should do this because the air around us has less oxygen. So we need trees. The city has become congested so large trees do not grow. Birds are less . We dont hear them chirping. The migratory birds have stopped coming. Everyone should have a terrace garden. Plus walls of buildings should have tree covers. These can be creepers. Terrace should have a grads cover so that insects can also come. Flower trees are important for germination and to attract bees and butterfly. You all have stopped getting natural honey. The foods are all junk or artificially made. So start planting small vegetable plants as well. Can be brinjal, papaya, chilli etc. Start campaigning for organic food. It will actually look nice if the little places in between houses are filled with trees d the terraces as well. The parks have become barren. So make planting tree campaigns with kids. Everyday in the app show pictures . Get organic manure or compost done with vegetable skin and fruit skin at your house. I am sure people will like the idea . Let’s get things going.
Love from your grandma.

Name: Sreta Das

Institution: Army Public School , Barrackpore

Dear neem tree,

[Amphan caused a massive destruction to plants, it also destroyed a neem tree in my garden( it was my all time friend ) ]
Me : Dear neem tree what is your condition!…..I can’t see it….

Neem Tree : Oh ! It’s nothing…..You please consentrate in your work……

Me : how can I consentrate in my work when you are in this condition…..You tell me, how can I replant you ?

Neem tree : You can’t ….

Me : What do you mean ?

Neem tree : l mean,my time has came to get an eternal rest.

Me : Seriously, you will not be here anymore ?

Neem tree : Yes ….. I have a request to you that you will plant more and more trees….please promise me….

Me : Promise….but can you tell me some ways in which I can grow plants in a better way….

Neem Tree : You grow plants in a good way by providing adequate amount of sunlight,water and nutrients…..but the main thing that you need to grow a tree is “”CARE””……

Me : OKAY….. I will take care of it…..

Neem tree : ALL THE BEST [ for future generations ]

When you plant both indoor and outdoor……..

How to Keep Your Plants Healthy When Growing Indoors

Don’t bring your houseplants into the growroom to share the grow light. This increases the chance for a shared infection.

Don’t go into your indoor growroom after working in your outdoor garden, as this increases the chance of introducing pests.

Keep your tools for indoor gardening separate and clean.

Keep the humidity at the low end, say 40 to 60%, and avoid letting the air temperature from getting too high. Try to keep it below 80°. Good ventilation will help with both of these issues.

How to Keep Your Plants Healthy When Growing Outdoors & Other Considerations

Wash your hands between dealing with different crops, especially if you noticed any type of pest/disease.
Remove dead leaves (pests thrive in decaying material).

Always clean a tool immediately after dealing with a plant you suspect is infected with disease or insects.
Remove and dispose of sick plants immediately.

Don’t overwater! Plants need oxygen as much as moisture. For success, you’ll need to find a balance for your watering practices. Always water deeply, but never too often.

Don’t visit your gardens directly after coming from a plant nursery. You never know what pests you might have come into contact with…

Some secret Ingredients to Make Your Garden Grow are :

Wood Ash. [Wood ash has a high alkaline content, which makes it great for neutralizing acidic soil] …
Compost Tea
Club Soda
Aquarium Water
Coffee Ground
Tea Leaves