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BIRLA INDUSTRIAL & TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, a unit under National Council of Science Museums, the parent body of all the science Centres / Museums in India.

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1. Bubble Show:

BITM presents bubble show.....Fire Bubble, Fog Bubble, Bouncing Bubble, Scented Bubble, Colour Bubble, Baby inside a bubble and many more.

Show Timmings : On evety Saturdays and Sundays at 2:45 PM


2. Fire-y-tale Show

The show on Fire-y-tale celebrates the discovery and use of fire – one of humankind’s greatest feats that fuelled its journey to modernity. Different laws of physics and chemistry related to fire are explained through more than 20 exciting experiments ‘Fire Under Water’, ‘Dancing Flames’, ‘Fire Tornado’, ‘Fire Bubble’ etc.

Show Timmings : On evety Saturdays and Sundays at 4:15 PM


3. High Voltage Theatre

The new ‘Electricity Gallery’ of Birla Industrial & Technological Museum offer you a high voltage ambience where learning about electricity becomes simplified. The gallery offers you a wide range of interactive exhibits covering basic concepts of Electricity and Magnetism, Static Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction, Electrical Circuits, etc.

The prime attraction in this gallery, a High Voltage Theatre will deliver an electrifying experience, as you will be amazed by the live demonstration of the Van De Graff Generator and Tesla Coil.

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4. Exhibition ‘Germany - Land of Inventors’

It gives us great pleasure to present the interactive educational exhibition ‘Germany - Land of Inventors’ from 6th January to 18th January, 2017 at Birla Industrial & Technological Museum For young people who wish to pursue their higher studies or research in Germany in a scientific or technical field, this bilingual exhibition will be a unique opportunity to discover Germany as a land of research opportunities and renowned inventors.

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